Our engineering consultancy services offer a wide range of experts and researchers in the varying areas and sectors.

In the area of engine combustion technology our experts work collaboratively with our client to find marketable solutions which resolve challenges related but not limited to fuel efficiency, elimination of costly after treatment systems and regulatory compliant emissions.

Our experts on the fluid dynamics has extensive experience with design, evaluation and troubleshooting of systems involving applications related to vehicle aerodynamics, wind effects on buildings , special structures and water turbines and bio-medical flows.

Production of green materials is an area where our experts have great research competence and experience. They address a range of issues related to processes, material application and compatibility issues which benefits the business of our clients who are constantly hard pressed to reduce cost and increasing margin besides ensuring the end product is one that is environmentally friendly. Machine dynamics, mechanical design and mechanics, manufacturing process, thermodynamics and intelligent manufacturing systems are also areas of expertise and research interest of our experts.

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